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Sheboygan business sends good vibrations for physical therapy – Sheboygan Falls News (December 1, 2017)

Sheboygan business sends good vibrations for physical therapy Vibe Tech introduces second  generation of revolutionary rehab machine   by Jeff Pederson Sheboygan Falls News Editor   After making a breakthrough discovery as a biomedical engineering graduate student at Michigan Tech University nearly 17 years ago, Dr. Jeff Leismer of Sheboygan has traveled a long, intricate [...]

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Sheboygan entrepreneur shoots for the stars

Learn about the latest from VibeTech in the Sheboygan Press article by Phillip Bock on November 22, 2017. Click Here: "Sheboygan entrepreneur shoots for the stars"   Watch the video below which aired at the 2017 Wisconsin Innovation Awards after VibeTech won the BioTech Category Award:  

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VibeTech wins the 2017 Wisconsin Innovation Award for BioTech

Fourth Annual Event Celebrates the State’s Most Innovative Products and Services MADISON, Wis. (October 5, 2017) – Last night, ten winners were honored from the thirty finalists and more than 230 nominees during the 2017 Wisconsin Innovation Awards at the Wisconsin Union Terrace. The ceremony, emceed by local entrepreneur and former UW Badgers Wide Receiver, Brandon [...]

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VibeTech One makes a difference for restless leg syndrome

Women's Health Lisa Goldstein -- May 12, 2016   Allie McIver is constantly bouncing her legs. It gets worse at night, especially if she’s been too sedentary that day. It’s a feeling she describes as similar to an itch — or an overwhelming desire to move her legs – that starts at the ankle and [...]

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NASA Spinoff: Space Grant Research Launches Rehabilitation Chair

NASA Technology A stay on the International Space Station is no vacation. During a visit to the orbiting National Laboratory, astronauts divide their time among a variety of tasks. For one, they look after a multitude of space-based science experiments. For another, they clean and check the station’s equipment—inside and out. They also spend a [...]

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Rehab Chair Delivers Right Dose of Tension & Vibration to Patients’ Muscles

VibeTech Rehab Chair VibeTech Inc., a medical device manufacturer in Sheboygan, Wis., developed a vibration technology to counter muscle atrophy in astronauts who lost strength after long periods of weightlessness. The company found that putting muscles under tension and introducing controlled vibrations helped to restore lost muscle function. Today, VibeTech is putting this technology to [...]

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VibeTech Among Top 10 Louisville Innovation Summit Finalist

VibeTech selected to present to an audience of aging care providers and innovators at the inaugural Louisville Innovation Summit (Nov. 12-13-2013). The summit is committed to transforming thought of leadership in innovation for aging care of the future. VibeTech among top 10 Louisville Innovation Summit finalist. The VibeTech One, is the first and only semi recumbent [...]

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VibeTech at Leading Age Annual Meeting and Expo

Be one of the first to try the new VibeTech One rehabilitation chair at booth #4845 at Leading Age Annual Meeting and Expo in Dallas, TX (Oct. 28-30-2013). The VibeTech One, is the first and only semi recumbent accessible physical therapy for impaired physical mobility. The VibeTech neuromuscular therapy is helping patients achieve better results [...]

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VibeTech One, Now FDA Registered Lower Body Physical Therapy

VibeTech One is now FDA registered lower body physical therapy equipment. “VibeTech, Inc. has completed U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registration and listing for the VibeTech One, its premier high-tech rehabilitation product.”.  “Treatment modalities include neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic activities, gait training, manual therapy, and other forms of lower extremity rehabilitation.”

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