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VibeTech, Inc. provides comprehensive physical therapy and occupational therapy solution, which is safer, better, easier, smaller and cheaper than most of the therapy options currently available like the anti-gravity treadmills, aqua therapy and harness systems. It is also pain-free and enjoyable as compared to electrical stimulation. The VibeTech One is accessible, unlike whole body vibration platforms, to patients and people with highly impaired physical mobility caused from aging, atrophy, injury, surgery or other neuromuscular conditions.

Rehab Chair Delivers Right Dose of Tension & Vibration to Patients’ Muscles


VibeTech Rehab Chair VibeTech Inc., a medical device manufacturer in Sheboygan, Wis., developed a vibration technology to counter muscle atrophy in astronauts who lost strength after long periods of weightlessness. The company found that putting [...]